Sunday, July 26, 2009

Thoughts on ComicCon 2009

Sunday morning - was going to check bag at the Con, but the bag-check guy was searching through all the bags. Not sure why, or what they were hoping to find. Not sure why they thought violating privacy like that was okay. Went over to the HardRock hotel and they were happy to check the bag without a search. Ate breakfast at Cafe Diem; good, if a tad expensive.

Saw "The Human Target" pilot last night. Not bad, but suffering from 'TV-itis'. Tried hard not to be "comic-booky", and succeded. Instead it had a number of the clich├ęs that action shows have. The main problem with the concept is that the character is supposed to blend in, yet by virtue of him being the main character, we are watching him the whole time.

Not much going on at the con today that HM wants to see. It's kids day, mostly.

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