Thursday, December 17, 2009

Security Theater

HonestMonkey have always thought that the "security" at the airports is more theater than actual security. That is, it scares off "bad guys" not by being effective, but by seeming to be effective. Here is a link that backs up that idea, from a former police officer. One of her points is that no data is collected at the airports to determine if what is being done is actually effective, correct, or non-discriminatory. For instance, do some screeners pick out women more often, or blacks, or whites? Are the random secondary searches actually random? Who knows? We don't.

Do I have the right to refuse this search?

By the way, it might be a hassle and inconvenience, and that's what they are counting on, but yes, you do have the right to refuse.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fifth Amendment

Saw this video a while back and while HM doesn't think he'll probably need to put it into practice, it makes sense. It's a bit long (~50 minutes), but the most important part is the first half. Upshot is never talk to the police under any circumstances. Use your fifth amendment right.